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In January 2017, I was hired by the Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers (AOCABFE) to redesign the brand identity and website for their organization.


AOCABFE was founded in 2001 as a professional society for agricultural scientists and engineers of Chinese origin living abroad. Throughout its 16 year history, AOCABFE has served a unique role, celebrating professional colleagues of common heritage, while providing mentorship and professional development for students and early career members.

The new mark.
Horizontal lockup.
Alternate lockup.
Color palette.

Brand Exploration

During the exploratory phase, I aimed to distill the essence of AOCABFE’s brand down to to its unique value proposition. To identify these elements, I facilitated a brand discovery session with members of AOCABFE’s executive board, including President, Dr. Yanbo Huang, and the Web Manager, Dr. Jian Shi.



From this interactive session, two key brand elements emerged:

A Community United By Common Culture

AOCABFE is a international community of engineering and scientific professionals united by their shared Chinese heritage. This common bond promotes a welcoming, familial atmosphere— AOCABFE lets members feel at home.

A Centrifuge of Engineering Disciplines

AOCABFE is a centrifuge of professional disciplines that accelerates the free exchange of ideas, innovations, and opportunities.

Print collateral.
Conference swag bags.
Design rationale.

The Logo

I designed the AOCABFE logo to reflect the key brand elements that emerged from the exploration phase– namely, that AOCABFE is a professional community of people united by common culture and careers.


Each of the three circles represents the three engineering disciplines included in AOCABFE’s member community, including agricultural, biological, and food engineers. The union of the these three groups forms a simple sprout shape– a nod to the organization’s focus on farming science and innovation.

New homepage.

Web Design

We kicked off the website redesign by first conducting a site audit. Mining through the site allowed us to map the existing site structure, and evaluate areas in which we could improve the site’s usability and effectiveness. From the site audit, we identified three key recommendations for the redesign:

Simplify the site’s structure

After sketching a simple sitemap of the existing site, we were able to reorganize the content to reduce tabs and simplify the site’s information architecture.

Remove unnecessary pages

The existing site had become bloated and difficult to use, as content was excessively fractured and spread out among too many pages. The new design eliminates duplicated and unnecessary content, improving user flow and conversion.

Prioritize content to achieve strategic goals

The previous design failed to appropriately support the strategic goals of the organization. In the new site, we prioritized the content to target specific goals: fostering mentorship, recruiting new members, and sharing important news and information.

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