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In early 2017, Tek Pak, Inc. decided to make a pivotal change to their operation. Over a span of three decades, Tek Pak had cemented a respected reputation as one of America’s leading specialty thermoformers. However, there was growing concern that there was a lack of awareness among Tek Pak’s customers of the company’s full range of capabilities, particularly Tek Pak’s tooling & prototyping division.


This lack of awareness posed a tremendous missed opportunity that Tek Pak desperately wanted to seize. Tek Pak founder and president, Tony Beyer, quipped, “We have the largest tooling department in the thermoforming industry that nobody knows about.”


To address this challenge, the team decided to shift their tooling & prototyping division into a separate company, Tek Tooling. The split brought clarity and focus to the brand, with an increased emphasis on the company’s specialty tooling and prototyping prowess, while simultaneously expanding their corporate portfolio. The team hired me to develop a brand identity, web design, and brand video for the new company.

The new mark.
Mark with type lockup.
Avenir Next LT Pro, the typeface of the identity.
Color palette.

Brand Exploration

Throughout the design process, I collaborated closely with Tek Pak’s leadership. The mission was to determine what makes Tek Tooling unique— what factors separate them from other thermoform tooling and prototyping companies.


During our exploratory meetings, certain consistent brand stories emerged:

Transforming Ideas Into Innovations

Tek Tooling doesn’t just make tools— they solve business problems. Customers often approach the team with only a rough idea of what they need, and the tooling division transforms those raw concepts into functional production parts.

Bespoke Tooling Expertise

Tek Tooling offers customers a rich expertise in research and development, dedicated to solving the most challenging tooling and prototyping problems. As Beyer points out, “We got into this business because no one else wanted to mess with prototyping—too much detail, too little volume. We do 50 prototypes a month—nobody else even comes close to that.”

Outdoor signage.
Business cards.
Design rationale.

The Logo

During our early meetings, I was given a full tour of Tek Pak’s facilities, and got to see first hand how the team carries projects from 3D concept models, all the way to functional machined tools. I was struck by the process-driven, iterative nature of their work.


I designed the logomark to reflect these phases of realization— the fine tuning, the testing, the skill and patience to evolve an idea into an innovation.

New homepage.

Web Design

In designing the Tek Tooling website, I asked the Tek Pak leadership a simple question: What do you want your customers to do when they visit your site? Through our conversations, we defined the following goals for the website:

Simply and effectively explain Tek Tooling’s tooling and prototyping capabilities.

I started with a simple sitemap to establish the information architecture for the site. Right from the homepage, users can explore Tek Tooling’s suite of tooling and prototyping services, distilled into four core pages: Tooling, Prototyping, Capabilities, and Equipment.

Make it easy for customers to request a quote.

On nearly every page of the site, repeated Call-To-Action (CTAs) buttons gently guide users to request a project quote, increasing customer leads and driving conversion.

Build customer trust in the Tek Tooling brand.

I made it a priority to feature customer testimonials and case studies throughout the site to share success stories and reaffirm customer trust in the Tek Tooling brand.

Visit the Site →

Brand Video

I travelled to the Tek Tooling headquarters based in Batavia, Illinois to film a brief business profile video to introduce the new brand identity to the world. Armed with my trusty Panasonic GH4 and an assortment of lenses, I filmed both the interviews and b-roll over the course of 2 days.

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