Austin McKinney / UX Designer



Brand identity and interface design for a collaborative project management app concept.

Sometimes I like to create imaginary projects for myself in order to explore new ideas and mediums. Such was the case with Orbit, a collaborative project management app concept I developed in 2019. For this project, I developed a brand identity system as well as an exploratory UI study.


Personal Project



Project Scope

Brand Identity
UI Design

The ultimate project management tool.

Having served in project management roles throughout my career, I wanted to envision an app concept that would combine the best features of some of my favorite collaboration tools, such as Asana and Slack. I imagined a product that could simultaneously provide high-level project views for project managers, while also enabling real-time collaboration with features such as timeline views, task assignment capabilities, and instant messaging.

I called this concept 'Orbit,' as I liked the metaphor of several teams or coworkers revolving (or orbiting) around a shared project. Because I knew the brand elements would appear largely in a digital context, I designed a responsive brand identity system, utilizing a simple planet orbit icon that allows for wide flexibility across a variety of applications, from app icons to desktop screens. The color palette includes a warm sunrise gradient against a deep 'space blue.'

In addition to the brand identity system, I also developed several UI explorations, including an on-boarding screen and desktop dashboard view.

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