Driving Digital Adoption for New Pharmacy Customers

CenterWell Pharmacy, 2022
Lead Interactive Designer
The Challenge
Customers who join CenterWell Pharmacy through the Call Center are less likely to create an online account and use CenterWells’ digital self-service tools. Because these customers rely solely on our call center to complete routine tasks, resulting in increased call volume and longer wait times.
The Solution
Use the data collected during the RxE call to provide customers with a pre-built "turn-key" account creation experience that empowers them to complete medication refills and transfers without contacting the call center.
The Account Setup Fastlane encourages new CenterWell Pharmacy customers to adopt our digital self-service tools by reducing the user friction during the sign-up experience. By leveraging the data the customer previously provided during their initial conversation with the call center, we're able to provide a streamlined, easy sign-up experience by eliminating unnecessary redundancy.


Only 16.5% of customers enrolled through RxE completed a digital prescription refill in 2021.

How might we leverage a customer's initial engagement with our call center to promote the adoption of our digital self-service tools?

The majority of new customers who join CenterWell Pharmacy do so by contacting CenterWell’s Rx Education (RxE) call center to transfer their medications and complete their first prescription fill.

These calls tend to be quite long as the service agents have to collect a lot of data from the customer to complete their request. Moreover, internal call data showed that a majority of these customers continued to contact the call center each time they needed to fill their prescription, rather than using Humana's digital self-service tools such as the website or mobile app.


Co-Listening Sessions

I contacted the RxE team and scheduled two listening sessions in which I listened to recordings of 10 recent customer calls. Most calls lasted between 15 - 30 minutes. During the course of these listening sessions, I observed several missed opportunities to promote our digital self-service tools.
Poor Agent Messaging
None of the call representatives I listened to promoted our app or website. In fact, many of them actually encouraged customers to just "call us back."
Hold  Music Talk Track
While customers are on hold, a recorded voice shares various pharmacy benefits and features, however none of them mentioned our website or mobile app.
Data Left on the Table
Several calls lasted longer than 30 minutes. While we collected nearly all the data necessary to set up an online account during the course of the call, we weren't doing anything with it.

Account Setup Fastlane

Use the data collected during the RxE call to provide customers with a pre-built "turn-key" account creation experience that empowers them to request refills without contacting the call center.

Design Principles

Get started on the right foot
This will be a new customer's first experience with our pharmacy, let's do it right. Customers should be made aware of the variety of touchpoints available to them, so they can engage with us how and when they want to.
Streamlined sign-up experience
It's imperative that we provide a frictionless user experience in order to drive digital engagement. Our customers are already giving us so much time and information in their initial RxE call. Let's capture that data to build them a bridge to our suite of digital self-service tools.
Empower our customers
Providing our users with self-service options is a win-win for both our customers and our business.  Our digital self-service tools empower our customers by putting them in control of their pharmacy experience, while simultaneously reducing call volume in our support centers.
Customer Journey

Fastlane Signup Journey

The fastlane signup journey begins when a new customer contacts the Rx Education support line. Throughout the journey, we educate our customers about the variety of self-service options at their disposal. Our key strategy is to foster a digital-first mindset by making it easy for customers to access and use our self-service tools quickly.
The fastlane sign-up journey begins when a new customer contacts the Rx Education support line to join CenterWell Pharmacy.
An RxE call center agent collects the new customer's personal information, including name, date of birth, prescription information and communication preferences.

Behind the scenes

As the call center agent is collecting the customer's personal data, a "standby" digital account is being created on the backend and populated with the customer's information.

Immediately following the call, the customer receives a follow-up email with a personalized account setup link.
Account Setup
When the customer clicks on the email link, they are directed to a streamlined sign-up form where they're asked to provide a username and password.

Because we captured all of the customer's existing data during their initial call with RxE, we're able to provide the customer with this effortless sign-up experience, rather than redundantly requesting the same information they've already provided.

Once the customer provides a username and password, they are directed to their account dashboard. A notification appears confirming their account was successfully created. Yay! 🎉

Fastlane Sign-Up Flow